Revo LMS Light Management System

The Revo Light Management System (LMS) lenses use an exclusive system that "manages" light thanks to a special coating composed of multiple layers of titanium and silicon oxides. A Revo LMS lens acts as an equalizer of light, eliminating 100% of harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays which are responsible for burning and irritation of the eyes and can be a possible cause of conjunctivitis and cataracts. It blocks up to 97% of infrared (IR) rays which cause eye reddening and dryness. It then processes violet and blue light by filtering out harmful rays while passing the part of the spectrum necessary for distinguishing the colors. Color focusing is improved and vision is sharper and brighter. Revo lenses work like a light equalizer, determining how much light reaches eyes in relation to their sensitivity.

Coatings: The coating on Revo LMS lenses is comprised of extremely thin layers of titanium and silicon oxides which are applied and calibrated with great precision. The coating eliminates up to 97% of infrared rays, and it also processes rays in the blue spectrum to enhance focusing. Vision is sharp and bright, and the increased contrast between colors maximizes definition.


Glass Lens: Made to high precision with pure optical glass, this type of lens will not lose its shape and remains scratch resistant, so its protective and visual properties remain constant over time. Special processing techniques minimize thickness and make the lens exceptionally light.


Polarizing Filter: Consisting of an ultra-thin film of dichroic crystals sandwiched between 2 glass lenses, a polarizing filter eliminates the glare caused when sunlight hits shiny, reflective surfaces such as water, snow, sunlit streets, sand, etc. Colors are not affected by the altered strength of the light, and the eye is more relaxed and functions more efficiently.

When sunlight hits reflective surfaces such as sand, snow, or water, some of the light is polarized and very strong reflections are generated that dazzle and irritate the eyes; this may cause reddening and disturbed vision. Polarized lenses are used to provide for total protection against reflection. Revo polarized lenses have a special "Venetion blind" filter that allows light to pass while completely blocking out polarized reflections without reducing visual brightness. As a result, Revo polarized lenses are perfect for people who ski or engage in water sports and activities such as fishing, kayaking, or boating. Vintage Revo sunglasses with a polarizing filter are identified by the symbol H2O on the left lens, Revo P sometimes on the right lens.

Revo "Venetian Blind" Polarized Filter
Blocking Out Polarized Reflections

Like vintage Ray-Ban sunglasses, some vintage Revo sunglass lenses have photochromatic properties that provide active protection. A Revo polarized photochromatic lens provides perfect vision under any lighting conditions, thanks to a special photosensitive filter. Like vintage Ray-Ban Changeables, the lens gets darker when hit by sunlight or under very bright conditions, but it returns to its original state when entering a shady or enclosed area. Vintage Revo lenses with photochromatic properties usually employ a color tint, often purple tint, that adds a lot of style to the lens and wherein the sunlight brings out the tint color in sunlight to look much the same as a fully mirrored lens. Vintage Revo polarized and photochromatic lenses are great for people who spend a lot of time outdoors in activities such as hiking, golf, field sports, and when driving or performing everyday outdoor activities.


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